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Robert Melville, McLaren Automotive's Design Director, was a lifelong watch enthusiast and was thrilled to be involved in the design of the patek philippe replica watches RM 11/03.

Before joining McLaren, you worked for Jaguar Land Rover and General Motors three years. What makes this experience different?

McLaren has been my home for the past nine years. It is a different culture than anywhere else. This is very important for me. I want to create an environment that encourages people to take risks, be bold and be creative. The company's rapid growth is one of the most fascinating changes. Our company started with one car,top replica watches then we built another. Now we can work on multiple projects simultaneously. We have a staff that can handle this volume of work, with 500-2,500 employees on site. All the series are built on-site in our high tech production center next to the technical centre. McLaren Special Operations (MSO), where vehicles can be completely customized or have unique designs created, is also available.

McLaren 570GT MSO Black Collection

We would love to hear more about McLaren's design process.

We sketch, create 3D models, and then choose the best two options. After that we reduce the number of choices to one. We are unique because we work hand-in-hand with the engineering team from the beginning. This is how I'd like to continue to work. I want to be able to understand engineering and design. U-boat replica watches This is an innovative and courageous approach, but it is the best way to create cutting-edge products.

McLaren vehicles are more than just another car. Although the designs are complex and exotic, people begin to understand them. These designs are very different from mass-market cars. Although they may look avant-garde, they have a purpose and a reason to be there.