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Senna was a fantastic opportunity. It is our 100m Olympic sprinter. We had to work out the exact dimensions of the car, as it was designed as a military project. McLaren's fastest road legal track car is the inspiration for its exterior and interior design.

The McLaren Senna, the most track-focused roadcar ever made, is the McLaren Senna

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To celebrate the McLaren P1's launch, I bought a Bell & Ross Commando. It is bold and powerful. I own old Heuers and Doxas as well as a Lemania, Porsche Design, and Sicura. I have a lot of watches and have restored some.rolex replica watches I also have shoeboxes full of old parts. I also designed and purchased a movement for it. However, it wasn't finished because of the high costs. My passions are reflected by the watches I love - the RM 16 as well as some of the more complicated pieces by Vacheron Constantin.

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It must have been a joy to see Richard Mille Replica Watches partner with McLaren.

Richard Mille Replica Watches was a brand I had seen grow. Although I liked the images in magazines, I didn't understand the watches until I visited the factory and saw them being made. I was in love with them right then. Fabrice Namura, his team of engineers and I first met Fabrice Namura. We quickly realized that we had a common design philosophy. The project became a meeting.

RM 11-03 McLaren

The RM 11-03 McLaren Automatic Flyback Chronograph was agreed upon. We focused on an existing model and modified it. We began to work on the case material, Carbon TPT interwoven in Orange Quartz. The crown is designed as a McLaren wheel, and the pushers are inspired by the eye sockets from the 720S. The P1-inspired details of the rubber strap are echoed in the strap's rubber material. The McLaren-inspired RM watch has been redesigned with a sporty, iconic design. Flyback makes it more intuitive to use, and the skeleton design highlights the technical details through the case. It's about simplicity over complexity. A simple case with a complex chronograph and an annual calendarwww.topwatchesmall.com .